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Gabriele Pasini

More than just a designer, Gabriele is a true
master of art

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Having studied at the Gaetano Ballardini School for Ceramic Art in Faenza, Italy, his educationalbackground has a profound influence on his work as a designer, which is dominated by explosivecreativity and constant experimentation with new techniques.
For Pasini, mixing art andfashion is not just a choice, but a necessity.
Graffiti, murals, mosaics and ceramic art are at the same time an object of study and a source of inspiration. Pasini's inclination for dynamismand transformation goes alongside an almost obsessive care for details and veneration fortailoring, particularly traditional Neapolitan style. It is no coincidence that, despite being born
and raised in the Romagna region of northern Italy, he chose to work side by side with the bestNeapolitan tailors, so he could capture their secrets and learn the technical skills required to createthe perfect garment, but also glean precious inspiration for his own research into styling.
Jacket lapels are his passion: they are meant to draw attention, therefore they can only be madeimpeccably.

Gabriele Pasini likes to describe himself as a 'traveller' or a 'world citizen', has a passion forcontemporary style and sees elegance as a means for expressing nobility of soul. His Italianbackground and culture are almost always the source of inspiration for his collections. It is no coincidence that his very first monobrand store was opened 25 years ago in Modena, Italy,and is characterized by elements that are particularly close to Pasini's personality.
Today the Gabriele Pasini brand is present in the best pioneering boutiques in Italy and all over the world.


Distinguished by an unmistakably eclectic, contemporary style, the brand successfully blends the values of classic Neapolitan tailoring with a strong, sometimes provocative identity. Season afterseason, collections evolve dramatically in terms of construction and fit, as well as design, to give a consistent response to changing market requirements, but also and above all to affirm a trend,rather than simply follow it.
In a Gabriele Pasini garment, painstaking care for details and impeccable tailoring craftsmanshipmeet originality and that intriguing 'imperfection' that only authentic pieces made with love canexpress.
Each piece is the result of extensive study and adheres to a very clear philosophy that seeselegance inevitably intertwined with the values of ethics and sustainability.
The skull symbol featured on the lapels of Gabriele Pasini jackets and coats, and often reproducedin fabric patterns, is the iconic element chosen as a representation of the concepts of perpetuation,timelessness and concreteness, as it is historically associated with the transcendence
of the biological cycle of life and the creative power of the human mind. But that’s not all: the skull is intentionally shown in profile, and not from the front, to reinforce a forward-looking attitude and an inclination for lateral thinking as a manner of reasoning that delves deep and goes beyondappearances. This is the same approach that Pasini follows every day to interpret externalinfluences and translate his own impressions.
Men who choose the Gabriele Pasini brand are educated and have multiple interests; they are perfectionists, love beauty, and expect to find quality and excellence in every jacket and coat,which must be crafted to perfection. With their multi-faceted character that shuns the obvious, they(gracefully) stand out from the crowd and tell their own story through their personal look.



In 2021 Gabriele Pasini chose Lubiam

as a partner company to co-design and distribute his collections:

<<With a prestigious name in the industry and a century-old tailoring tradition, Lubiam does not onlyguarantee the absolute quality and meticulous care for details that I look for, but is also perfectly able totune in with my requirements and share my vision>>

(Gabriele Pasini, Aprile 2021)

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