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Primavera Estate 2024 


Sea dawn

Gabriele Pasini's new Spring Summer 2024 collection wants to represent the close link between philosophy, art and fashion, a winning and solid union that has ancient origins and is still able to offer food for thought, evolution, emotions and beauty.

The stylistic choice of the new proposals starts from the concept of simplicity and clarity, both of expression and identity.

The refinement that distinguishes the garments stems from a distinct identity, from the linearity of the tailoring constructions and from the immediacy that translates into recognisability. The new spring summer 2024 proposals immediately strike for their incisiveness, character and personality.

The great novelty and exclusivity of this season is represented by garment dyeing, a dyeing technique that gives garments a worn, durable and vintage feel. The choice of colours is based on neutral and patinated tones, which convey tranquillity, charm and lightness. In the rainbow of shades, pastel colours are favoured, perfect for the warm season par excellence. The timeless and beautiful tones of grey are increasingly used, for a woman who is formal but at the same time delicate, elegant and sophisticated on every occasion, who seeks simplicity without renouncing a touch of rock and fashion. The skilful combination of all shades generates a chromatic mix that guarantees unmistakable modernity and charm.

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