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From 9th to 12nd January, the new FW24 Gabriele Pasini collection was exhibited in a special pop-up space on the Ground Floor of the Central Pavilion in the Fortezza da Basso.
An island of creativity, in line with the mood and concept of his boutique in the heart of Modena, around which interactions and conversations took place. An unmissable stopover for buyers from the most prestigious Italian and foreign boutiques, but also for the national and international press: Leon Magazine also took a photo shoot with the designer.




A pivotal source of inspiration for this AW24 collection is Gabrielle Chanel, the visionary designer who defied convention and reshaped the landscape of fashion in her era, leaving an indelible mark.

Gabriele Pasini and the legendary Gabrielle Chanel are not just namesakes; they also share the same unwavering spirit and innate ability to evolve. Both fearlessly challenge the conventional definition of 'classic', reinterpreting it in a contemporary manne.  
Today Gabriele Pasini continues to champion the art of dressing, elevating this everyday experience and showcasing the power of personal style. The collection transcends traditional gender norms, embracing transversal and functional elements that embody a unique way of being.
A celebration of essentiality resonates alongside the complexity and richness of the Chanel-inspired fabrics, elaborately woven with precious, intricate designs. When selecting fabrics for the AW24 collection, the primary focus was on the MATERIALS themselves. These are all fabrics that exude life and vitality. Noble fabrics that Pasini refers to as 'primordial classics,' emphasizing the artistry and meticulous craftsmanship required to seamlessly blend classical and contemporary elements.



The collaboration between Gabriele and the prestigious boutique Jelmoli in Zurich always brings great satisfaction.
Thanks to the beautiful relationship that has been established over time between the brand and the Jelmoli team, in this season
Spring/Summer 2022, a Pop Up dedicated to Gabriele Pasini's men's collection has been created inside the store.

The display dedicated to the brand, alongside the top players in fashion, can be unmistakably recognised on the first floor of the Department Store.

The project, tailor-made, is characterized by a refreshing aura that can be found in the bright English green of the carpeting, while the fluidity of the garments and the comfort and freshness of the jersey invite to summer; the careful choice of fabrics makes you dream and the patterns selected for this special setting are a true hymn to the mood of the collection: a surreal Milan immersed in the atmosphere of the desert.

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